Frequently asked questions

  • What is Startup the Future by Galp Upcoming Energies?

    Startup the Future is an Open Innovation program launched by Galp Upcoming Energies and powered by Hello Tomorrow. This is the second iteration of the program, and it has the objective of finding game changing startups working on reshaping the energy landscape of the future. In the end the selected startups will have a chance to initiate a collaboration with Galp.

  • What is in it for me?

    Applicants selected will have the opportunity to accelerate their business and will be in an optimal position to start a collaboration with Galp. Chosen startups will, likewise, have a chance to: Co-develop pilots; receive industrial strategic support; connect to a vast global business network; access experts in the field; obtain easy market access; come to Portugal to attend this year’s Web Summit and present your technology at Galp’s booth; and get tailored sessions with external consultants.

  • Am I eligible?

    You are eligible if you are a Startup working on technology-based solutions for the mentioned challenges and are currently at least at an Experimental Proof- of-Concept stage (TRL 3-4).

  • What’s the official language of the program?

    The Startup the Future program will be held in English as it is an International call looking for innovative startups worldwide.

  • Where will the program take place?

    Startup the Future by Galp Upcoming Energies’ selection process will be entirely online. Selected startups will then have the chance to attend this years’ Web Summit in Lisbon with Galp.

  • Do you take equity in the participating startups?

    Startup the Future by Galp Upcoming Energies is a program focused in pilot co- development. The aim is fostering collaborations between startups and Galp, therefore no equity is taken.

  • What are the selection criteria?

    The selection process will be carried out by Galp and Hello Tomorrow. A team of juries will be assessing applications based on technological innovation, team, market fit, and potential. Here both the expertise and accumulated knowledge of the Jury panel will be leveraged.

  • If my startup is selected, what are the next steps?

    At a first stage, selected startups will be invited to attend alignment calls. After, the startups with the best fit with Galp’s aims and mission will then be chosen and given an opportunity to attend this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon with Galp and start a collaboration.

  • Who needs to attend the alignment calls?

    In the alignment calls phase, at least one person needs to be present. It is advised to have one or more team members so that you are capable of answering both technological and business oriented questions.

  • Can I apply with more than one startup?

    Yes, there is no limit to the number of startups you can apply with as long as they are eligible. You will have to do one application for each startup you wish to apply with.

  • Can I apply to more than one track?

    Yes, if you feel your technology applies to more than one track.